To ride at our park you must have an Iowa titled and currently registered ORV, this can be done at your local county recorder. If you are registering your machine for the first time, are transferring a registration, or are obtaining a user permit for an ORV for the first time, and are a resident, you must go to the county recorder in the county of your residence. 

Iowa nonresident user permits may be purchased at an ELSI II vendor who is a decal agent or a County Recorder's Office.  Any Walmart can get you one.
 Or Guppys on the Go at the Shueyville Exit off  interstate 380 or follow this link to find your nearest ELSI II vendor

Here is a link to the DNR page for registering a non registered ORV

Your machine must be 64" or less to fit through our gates and to be capable of driving the trails, there are no jeeps allowed.

Helmets are Required